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     Ethics and Hampton Roads

     Hampton Roads Businesses'/Organizations' Codes of Ethics
     General Resources for Business Ethics
     Resources for Creating a Code of Ethics
     Some Codes of Ethics of American Businesses
     Ethical Codes, by Industry/Association

Hampton Roads Businesses'/Organizations' Codes of Ethics

 very business in Hampton Roads would do well to have a code of ethics or some other form of promise/pledge to one's customers or statement of mission/vision for the company. Such a code not only gives reassurance to customers but also serves to remind owners/employees of the company's highest principles, purposes, and goals.

The Hampton Roads Times is therefore encouraging the use of such codes. And as of January 1, 2012, we're initiating a new section that will feature the codes of ethics of Hampton Roads businesses and organizations. (For instance, the Hampton Roads Better Business Bureau carries "BBB Standards for Trust" on its website.) The graphic above can be used on any website of a company/organization whose code we feature [here's how].

Below are resources for learning more about business ethics generally and creating a code of ethics, as well as examples of ethical codes of American businesses and access to codes of associations of industries and organizations.

General Resources for Business Ethics

 inks to a host of complete online articles on business ethics, accounting ethics, human resources ethics, intellectual property, insider trading, international business ethics, sales and marketing ethics, and more are in Marylhurst University's Business Resources Guide here.

 arter McNamara offers insight into business ethics in his online Complete Guide to Ethics Management: Ethics Toolkit for Managers, accessed here (allow time for full document to load):
  • What is Business Ethics?
  • 10 Myths About Business Ethics
  • 10 Benefits of Managing Ethics in the Workplace
  • One Description of a Highly Ethical Organization
  • Ethics Management Programs: An Overview
  • 8 Guidelines for Managing Ethics in the Workplace
  • 6 Key Roles and Responsibilities in Ethics Management
  • Ethics Tools: Codes of Ethics
  • Ethics Tools: Codes of Conduct
  • Ethics Tools: Policies and Procedures
  • Ethics Tools: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas (with Real-to-Life Examples)
  • Ethics Tools: Training
  • Bibliography of Practical Resources

    Resources for Creating a Code of Ethics

     hris MacDonald offers guidance for writing a code of ethics at EthicsWeb.

     n his article, Codes of Ethics: Who Needs Them?, Eric Matthews explains the rationale for the declaration that the author designed for medical graduates of the University of Aberdeen.

     he Institute of Business Ethics has these online resources for business codes of ethics:
  • Developing a Code - 8 steps
  • Content - what are the issues for your organization
  • Implementing a Code - 12 steps
  • Making codes effective and useful - understanding good and bad practice
  • Rules for small and medium size businesses

     he Illinois Institute of Technology's Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions has these excellent online resources:
  • Authoring a Code: Observations on Process and Organization (by Andrew Olson)
  • (Writing a Company's Code of Ethics (by W. Michael Hoffman; scroll down to p.[9])
  • Writing a Code of Ethics (by Michael Davis)

    Some Codes of Ethics of American Businesses

     e present here links to a few companies' codes on their respective websites or collected at the Illinois Institute of Technology website.

  • A&M Professional Cleaning Services
  • Buckman Laboratories
  • Caterpillar Tractor Co.
      -- Code of Business Ethics
  • Deere & Company
  • Dow Corning Corporation
      -- A Code of Business Conduct (1984)
  • Eastern Inspection and Management Services
  • Eaton Corporation
      -- Ethical Business Conduct
      -- Purchasing Policy
  • International Business Machines (IBM)
      -- Code of Ethics (1995)
  • Johnson & Johnson: Our Credo (in 8 languages)
  • Mercy Hospital and Medical center
      -- Guideline for Application of CPR in patients with Terminal illness
      -- Guidelines for Removal of Life Support Systems from a Patient Who has Suffered Total Brain death
  • Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
      -- Supply Manual
      -- Business Conduct Policy
      -- Statement of conflicts of interest policy
  • ServiceMaster Mission, Vision and Values
  • Texas Instruments
  • Wedding Passport

    Ethical Codes, by Industry/Association

     onservativeWords.com is an excellent source for literally 100s of codes of ethics for every imaginable sort of association of businesses. The following are links to those codes of ethics:

  • Animal breeding and care/wildlife associations' codes
  • Business associations' codes - Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
  • Business associations' codes - General
  • Business associations' codes - Management
  • Business associations' codes - Sales and Selling
  • Communications associations' codes
  • Computing/Libraries/Information Systems associations' codes
  • Death / Funeral / Insurance associations' codes
  • Earth Association codes (e.g., Agriculture, Food, Environment, Meteorology, Ecology, Geography, etc.)
  • Engineering/Construction/Industrial associations' codes
  • Ethics consultants/seminars/books
  • Finance associations' codes
  • Fraternal/Social/Charitable associations' codes
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - Dental/Oral Health
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - General
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - Mental Health/Counseling/Social Work
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - Other Specialties
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - Pharmaceuticals
  • Health/Medical associations' codes - Rehab/Physical Therapy
  • History associations' codes
  • Hobbyists/collectors associations' codes
  • Neighborhoods / Homes (community codes, pledges, etc.)
  • Real Estate / Urban Planning associations' codes
  • Religion associations' codes
  • Schools - College/University honor codes
  • Schools - Education/Academia associations' codes
  • Schools - High School honor codes
  • Schools - K-12 (pledges, contracts, etc.)
  • Schools - Specific Departments/Programs' codes
  • Science associations' codes
  • Sports and Athletics associations' codes
  • Travel and Transportation associations' codes
  • Writing Corporate Codes of Ethics

  • In addition, within its Honest Creativity blogs, ConservativeWords has codes for art businesses, movie business, music business, photography business, and writing businesses. And within its Honest Government blogs are codes of ethics of associations for lawyers, judges, police, military, government employees, etc.

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