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     Hampton Roads Resources

long the left-hand column of every page (including this one) in the Hampton Roads Times, you'll find the Internet's largest selection of info and links for Hampton Roads! From business, organization, and government facts to education, real estate, events, volunteering, and more.  A quick index to the Resources is immediately above along the left column.

Ethics is Core of Hampton Roads Business
Hampton Roads Times promoting codes of ethics for all area businesses

 he success of Hampton Roads, indeed the success of any region, is dependent in large part upon the strength of its business community. And what makes it strong is largely dependent on one attribute above all others: honesty. That's why we have an entire section devoted to business ethics. Click here to learn about how to write your own business's code of ethics. (We're also promoting the creation of codes of ethics for every Hampton Roads business's website through the use of the logo on the right.)

Latest Resources Becoming Available
 Numerous resources added;
 Eventful.com gives us access to Hampton Roads-area events;
 City Directories will soon be online too
 We've made significant additions to our Resources (left column, each page).  There's now extensive access to a host of Hampton Roads-related resources, covering transportation, safety, health, natural resources, art, music, military, and more.
 Courtesy of eventful.com, we've added to our Resources a "More Events" section, which presents an extensive listing of events in Hampton Roads arranged by category.
   We're constantly expanding our Resources section. Look for a list of links to complete city directories from the 1800s of some Hampton Roads cities in subsequent issues.

Volunteering is for everyone!

Whether you're a busy businessman or businesswoman or a "stay-at-home" mom or dad, there should always be time for volunteering. That's why Hampton Roads Times has an extensive, and ever-growing, list of organizations in this area that often need and welcome volunteers.

Throughout the history of Hampton Roads, businessmen have frequently joined fraternal organizations, none of which was more popular than that of the Freemasons. The Sargeant Memorial Room (Norfolk Public Library) holds this rare Masonic certificate of membership of Walter Herron Taylor, dated 1877, for the Masonic Mutual Beneficial Association of Norfolk, Va. (from Walter H. Taylor Papers). Click on it to enlarge, and see its remarkable detail, especially in the picture of the Masonic headquarters, one of Norfolk's great architectural gems no longer extant.

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