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arouSells® ( by HRTimes) are used not just by the advertisers in Hampton Roads Times, the largest business media resource in the Southeastern Virginia region commonly known as Hampton Roads.  They are also becoming a world-wide (web) phenomenon, dramatically improving the impressiveness and effectiveness of websites around the globe. 

   his remarkably useful innovation makes exploring a website not only easier and more productive but downright fun!  And now anyone, anywhere, can acquire their own customized CarouSell for their website. So even if you don't want to advertise in the Times — though there are ad plans that include CarouSells — you can now own your own CarouSells.  And if you need assistance, we can install them on your website, quickly and professionally, at no additional cost. (Click here for purchasing.)

CarouSell draws people to precisely the information, products, and services that you most want to sell or talk about.  Here's why:

A single CarouSell can have anywhere from 5 to 40 rotating images, each hyperlinked to a webpage.  The images, which are rotated backwards or forwards with your mouse scroll, can be of artwork, of book covers, of collectibles, of places, houses, friends— basically images of just about any object, any thing, or anyone you can think of as well as text (for example, classifieds, poems, sayings, blog excerpts, etc.) and links to audio and video.  So they're great for corporate, organizational, and personal websites. 

You can use a CarouSell, or CarouSells, on your own website as well as on a website provided by the Hampton Roads Times, comprising its CarouSells® Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and OrganizationsClick here to see, for example, the CarouSell of the Writers SuperCenter, used to display some of the best-selling creativity and business software of that company.

In addition, Hampton Roads Times itself uses CarouSells.  Indeed, it uses two CarouSells for the Category Directory of its CarouSells® Gallery of Hampton Roads Businesses and OrganizationsClick here to see those CarouSells in action.

Hampton Roads Times also uses CarouSells to highlight and give access to its Featured Places.

ou may purchase CarouSell(s) for use on your own website either separately or as part of an HRTimes Ad plan.

Purchased separately, a one-time $50 fee entitles:
  Creation and permanent use of up to 30 CarouSells on up to 3 websites.
  If needed, assistance with image designs (up to 20 per CarouSell for up to 3 CarouSells) as well as installation assistance (for up to 3 CarouSells), free upon request.

Choose An Option:

ou may wish to take advantage of advertising within the Hampton Roads Times, since some of the ad plans include, at no additional cost, a custom-designed CarouSell that is placed in the online magazine and that you can also use (permanently) on your own website.

For the "CarouSell Level Plan," you are entitled to use (and revise) that CarouSell permanently after payment of one quarterly payment of $50, which, of course, also includes all advertising for entire 4 months (and to receive advertising for subsequent quarters, fee is just $25 per quarter).  For the Sponsor Level plans, quarterly payment is $100.  Click here for more details about those HRTimes ad plans and to purchase one.

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