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     Guide to the HRTimes
Information and Opinion Blogs

 he information and opinion blogs of the Hampton Roads Times are a wonderful new way for us to communicate knowledge and wisdom for the citizens of Hampton Roads. Here is the growing list of general blogs as well as blogs of specific topics. (To go to a blog, simply click on its title.)

     Issues & Topics — On almost any topic, these blogs will cover issues and topics pertinent to the people of Hampton Roads. (The posts here deal with issues not otherwise covered in our other, more specific blogs. Note some issues covered may ultimately be given their own specific blogs.)

     On the Soapbox — Generally offers you the opportunity to discuss, espouse, advocate, or debate your particular opinions, ideas, and beliefs (although always in the spirit of friendly, open, and honest communication). It is generally intended that a post will be followed up with post(s) elaborating upon, disagreeing with, or criticizing (constructively, of course) the original post.

     Editor's Thoughts — These are ideas and opinions of the Editor and Publisher of the Hampton Roads Times. They will usually be of any subject — often philosophical — but with only one pre-requisite: that it be (it is hoped) interesting.

     Community & Politics in Hampton Roads — Marcus Calabrese, community leader, proprietor of the KineticRel8Tions public relations agency, and former candidate for Norfolk City Council, offers his perspective and expertise on everything in the Hampton Roads community.

     On the Road in Hampton Roads — Steve Goad and Andy Baan team up to videotape interviews of the entrepreneurs of Hampton Roads in this ongoing series.

     Gratitude in Your Personal & Business Lives — Nora Firestone, the originator of the ThankingofYou.com concept of online thanking, gives her thoughts and experiences relating to gratitude in our lives.

     Fitness in Hampton Roads — Chris Otto, personal fitness trainer and founder of Body RescYou, is our expert on fitness and nutrition.

     Painting-A-Day — Eric Thingstad presents his almost-daily paintings of businesses, residences, industry, and landscapes throughout Hampton Roads.

     Writers of Hampton Roads — Wisdom, events, networking opportunities for writers in Hampton Roads, wannabe and professional alike.  We'll also publish short stories and poetry.

     Meetings in Hampton Roads — Announcements of meetings and other scheduled events of Hampton Roads organizations and institutions.

 e'll be continually adding more info & opinion blogs; so this list will continue to grow. We're establishing a network of these blogs and encouraging those with specialized knowledge, informed opinions, and a desire to impart that wisdom upon others to write for us.

So if you have an idea for a blog topic, we'd love to hear it. It can deal with politics, philosophy, a region of Hampton Roads, an industry, a hobby, an event...almost anything! Contact us today!

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