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 he Hampton Roads Times welcomes the input of all citizens of Hampton Roads and beyond who have information or opinions that matter to this region. And if we don't currently have a section appropriate to the information, we'll make every effort to create it.

What We Accept

If you have an announcement of a meeting of your organization or of a special event; or if you have an article describing an organization, a business, an industry, or an event; or if you have an article containing ideas or opinions about an issue that affects the people of this region, please send it to us (use the contact form). (In addition, if you are based in Hampton Roads and have a blog, we want to know about it, as we often highlight interesting posts from such blogs.)

We guarantee that every submission will not only be seriously considered but will almost certainly be printed in the Hampton Roads Times as long as it is well written, is well thought out, is courteous and free of derogatory language, has a clear and likely interest to a substantial number of our readers, and pertains to some aspect of business, history, or other topic relevant to Hampton Roads, from the mundane workings of a business to its relation to religion, politics, philosophy, psychology, or almost any other field of human concern bearing on the free exchange of products and ideas.

We Promote You In Exchange for Your Contribution of Articles and Information

And speaking of free exchange: When you contribute your news or articles to us, we are eager to repay you with as much promotion of whatever project, product, or business you may have that pertains to the news/articles you write. In other words, if, for instance, you want to promote your project to feed the hungry in Hampton Roads by providing us an article relating to the topic, we'll be happy to integrate information about your project within appropriate parts of our magazine.

Please submit your information/articles using the contact form.

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